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Friday, 31 March 2017

Click To DownloadNew Music From 'Vissypro Feat Sir Zee-Mun FIsu'

One of the new faces on the site but a long time player in the game in the person of Vissypro', has made a hit and it is yours to decide the authenticity and validity of what we are saying because we believe he has the talent and potential to make the streets agree with hi credibility
Enjoy this song and share with friends and family.


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Download New Music From 'Dmyth-Sinner's Cry

Dmyth has again visited the studio and has decided to release his next single, #Sinnerscry and he has also featured couple of Gospel ministers on his yet upcoming single to be released soon
Dmyth has recorded quite  number of songs this year and its just the introduction to what we shall be getting from him.
Enjoy this song #Sinnerscry


Thursday, 23 March 2017

NEW SONG FROM 'Elite Boiz Feat. Smart P-Knock At The Door'

Elite bois are really great and incredible guys full of talents especially when it comes to microphone skills.
They invited 'Smart-P' over to be in the historic song 'Knock At The Door'
Enjoy this incredible and creative song and be kind enough to share around with friends.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Click To Download New Song From 'E-BlinQs Feat DYC-Life's Short

The unstoppable 'E-blinQs' has collaborated with Douglas Yc to make a hit ever recorded in the city of Beehive and beyond.
The rapper has been on top of his game for quite some time now even though he is a student, he has been balancing the two and all has been well.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, 'E-BlinQs Feat DYC-Life's Short'

Monday, 20 March 2017

New Music From 'DJ Wyt, DalaDawa & O.B Flames-Sun Zare'

DJ White and O.B Flames have many things in common, they are like brothers, always sing together and stuff. They decided to invite DALADAWA over to jump on this track with them. Nothing but street credibility and true talents are here.
Real justice has been done as they dealt with the beat
Enjoy this song, they title 'SUNZARE'


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Click to Download New Music From 'Vesh Feat. Just_Ice-Real Niggas

Vesh is that real nigga with real talent and he can't be on a track without another real nigga that's why he officially invited 'JUST-ICE' to make real history with a real producer in a real studio (KDs Records).
Ladies and gentlemen, let's be real enough to  download this real song and don't forget to share with real friends.

Download New Music From H.S-You Are Precious

H.S the unstoppable has made history again by making a hit song for all the beautiful people out there. Nothing but good music and its not real talent if its not HS.
This guy has been on top of his game for quite sometime now and fans are gradually enjoying his great songs and style.
He has this song for you which he calls 'You Are Precious' 
Download and share around.


Click To Download New Music From Sir Zee-Big Daddy

Sir Zee the never relenting artist has come up with another hot hip hop song which he titled 'BIG DADDY.
The song is worth hearing and sharing especially when you support good music. 


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Click To Download New Music From 'ZARTJI-If I Was U

Talking about originality, street credibility and 100% real talent, Zartji should cross your mind. This guy has been on top of his game with his unique voice and tender approach anytime he comes in contact with the microphone or his guitar.
Today is his birthday and he has decided to surprise his music lovers out there with another interesting and inspiring song which he titled 'If I Was You'
Download this song and do us good by feeding us back with what you think about this super talented fellow.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Download New Song From 'Dmyth-Life With Christ'

Dmyth a popular gospel head, making history in the city of Bauchi and even beyond has in no time recorded many songs withing the month of March and today, one of those songs has been debated to add up to your playlist.
This song is tiled 'Life With Christ' and it is a spiritually anointed song indeed.
Do us well by showing your love and support as you not just download this song but help us share it around.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

NEW MUSIC FROM Jimmy J-Cypher Feat. KND, Miztazeh, Sir Zee, Bob Inks & ElJozzy;

'Jimmy J' a fast up and coming artist residing in the city of Bauchi has launched a major step as he penetrates the industry with his rap skills and attitudes. He has invited the likes of KND, Miztazeh, Sir Zee, Bob Inks & ElJozzy to jump on the Cypher which is currently taking over the streets of Beehive and even beyond.
None does it better.
Download this hot rap song and share with friends


New Music From Hosea, GenEx, KDs & DYC-Yanayi

The wait is over and the time has come for the hit to hit the streets and make impacts.
Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this new song 'Yanayi by Psalmist, Mr. YC, GenEx and KDs'.
Don't forget to share with friends and family


Monday, 13 March 2017

Click To Download 'Celebrate by E-BlinQs'

E-BlinQs has decided to come up with his 1st song under the management of KDs Records Monthly Promo Program #KRMPP. He has been regular on the mic for sometime now and no doubt he got skills and undisputed especially when you hear him flow.
Enjoy this new song and share with friends and family.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Download New Song From Celebrant Feat. Stesh-Dan Arewa

Its Celebrant gain with another great Arewa song titled 'DAN AREWA' and he got Stesh on this one.
The song is nothing but a hit, trust me this song is a true expression of real talents and for sure this is song is to take over the planet as real and new peeps get introdduced into  the music industry.

Friday, 10 March 2017

New Music From 'Mistazeh Feat. SmartBtrams-Butterfly

Mistazeh in a mega collaboration with one of the biggest Hip Hop heads in Beehive 'SmartBtrams' a dopest outcome should be expected.
Butterfly is the name and murder is the case when it comes to this kind of greatness ever experienced in the city of Bauchi and even beyond. 
Download this great song and be kind enough to share around.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Download New Music From Sir Zee-JEJE

Sir Zee is that young buddy trying his best to make sure he ascends to the higher level of the industry.
He has recorded quite a number of songs this year and this song JEJE is a new one recently recorded sometime this month of March 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, downlod and enjoy JEJE by Sir Zee and be kind enough to share around.


New Music From SadeeQGmor & Cnornee-Oxygen

SadeeQGmor & Cnornee have been working together for more than 8 years pushing their own music in every city and town. These guys came from a town called Toro and have also shot some videos too to spies up their musical CV.
These guys are here again with another mega hit they title 'OXYGEN'
Show some love by DOWNLOADING and do us well by sharing it too.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Click To Download New Jam From 'Lil Joe Feat. D.S.B-Paper Love

Lil Joe is known for his hunger for good music and his pattern of rap has captured the attention of many. This guy has much love for the game and the game has over time shown him love too cos the streets are beginning to recognize his name and what he carries deep withing him.
This time, Lil Joe has collaborated with the magnificent crew ever to be as strong as a lion in the Jungle 'D.S.B' on a new hit single called 'PAPER LOVE'. You don't want to leave this site without getting your own copy of the history that has been laid down for the love and thirst for good music.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Download New Song From Kambious G-TOO MUCH

Sadeeq Akanbi A.K.A Kambious G is also another bunch of real talents residing in the city of Beehive. He has been making hits 'Back to Back'.
Kambious G has recorded a dope hip-hop track and he titled it 'TOO MUCH'.
Download this track and be kind enough to feed us back!


Monday, 6 March 2017

New Music From 'Brix Nation Feat. Trinocoaster-Money'

Brix Nation has taken a bolder step in pushing their music forward by featuring one of the greatest artistes ever in Bauchi, TRINOCOASTER. 
This is more than just a song, it is a legendary history because the song has what it takes to compete with some of the best songs we here around.
Go ahead and make history too by getting this song as your ringtone.



SecJoe is that guy with much swags and confidence anytime he is on the mic or on stage. 1Mic stand has recognized most of his patronage and his songs are quite interesting. He has worked with popular rapper BOC and now he has decided to take a ride on a song with these gods of the mic (Kalito and DALADAWA).
Go ahead and get this music while it is hot



MYB and MicFleQs the official artistes belonging to a musical group called ONE HOUSE have visited the studio to bring you a great song explaining their introduction into the music industry and be rest assured that these guys though they quite are young but they are hot.
MUN PASO is the name of the dopest track ever.


Download New Music From H.S-When I See U I see Heaven

When you hear the name 'H.S', a never relenting artist should come across your mind. This guy is a super star and has the ability of making people fall in love with his tune based on how he sing and rap
Ladies and Gentlemen here is a track called 'When I See You I See Heaven'
Download and enjoy



These two young talents are full of guts especially when it comes to spitting 16 bars on a song. Music has nothing to do with age and these guys are perfect examples.
Legendary MICFLEQS and M.J.S in a huge collaboration to make a difference and set a boundary surpassing people expectations. They title this song 'Speeding Up!
Download SPEEDING UP by MicfleQs and M.J.S nd be kind enough to share the song around.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Download New Music From H.S-Love U Mama

H.S is a sensational singer and also a great rapper living in the city of Bauchi. He has been working with KDs Records for quite sometime now and he is quite known for his unique style and fluent flow when it comes to Mic Delivery.
He has worked very hard to come up with this track he titled; Love You Mama', a great song inspired by the love Mothers bestow on their children.
Enjoy this awesome piece!

Click To Download New Music From H.S-Love U Mama


New Music From Rimzy & Eskay-Omogey

Rimzy & Eskay are here with a hot track and they title this one 'Omogey'. There have been news on the streets of Beehive that these guys are really taking over and they are never relenting in their pursuit for their destiny.
Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you OMOGEY and be kind enough to share with friends and family


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