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Monday 31 July 2017

Music || No Deh Eye Me || by Kim Taylors Feat. BOC

Kim Taylors is that new girl on the block with her 1st and new single featuring the legendary B.O.C Madaki.
Kim Taylors been an artist managed by KDs Records is currently working on her E.P album would be featuring her crew, B.E.M in one of the songs.
More should be expected from this rapper/singer (Kim) and if there is any way you so think you can help to push this lady up to meet up her dream, the door is wide open for you but meanwhile enjoy this song and don't forget to show her some love by downloading and sharing.



Lists Of August KRMPP & KRMC

Lists Of August KRMPP & KRMC
KRMPP (KDs Records Monthly Promo Program)
KRMC (KDs Records Monthly Cypher)
KRMPP is almost 8 months old managing various artistes with vast potentials in music and most especially those patronizing KDs Records Studio.
KRMC is about organizing another cypher where rappers collide to make a song a hit.
Several artistes have been on the platform and many more will surely be selected.

List of August KRMPP
1. Sleek Gee
2. Team YBH
3. Tha BEN

List of KRMC
1. Jimmy J
2. Nas G
3. Jerzy
4. King Mimmy (Flawless Ryan)
5. Kun Zaar
6. Trinocoaster

If your name is not among and you are having 'Mixed and Mastered by KDs' on your songs then you should know that you will soon be selected either in KRMPP or KRMC.

Sunday 30 July 2017

Download Kinq Teddy's 'FRESH TILL DEATH' EP by clicking on this link '


Kinq Teddy is here with his E.P album 'FRESH TILL DEATH' featuring Bubby and P.M.D in two (2) songs  GREATEST and FLEXICUTION respectively out of the five (5) included in the E.P Album.
The artist under 'Da Icons Music' has been working on the E.P since early 2017 and has put in more work to make the E.P an undisputable compilation of legendary rhymes and metaphors to stand the taste of time.
Download and be kind enough to spread around.

1. KinQ Teddy Feat. Bubbly-Greatest

2. KinQ Teddy-Bounce Back

3. KinQ Teddy-Fresh Till Death

4. KinQ Teddy-Juice Cover


Download New Music From 'Peace House-Your Body'

Peace House Entertainment is here with a new song called 'Your Body'. Veekingz, Nicholaq, Leo Pii and Jonexxy did their best to make it a hit and as we all know, the crew have been making hits 'back to back' for quite a long time now.
This song is about to blow your mind as you download and share with friends and even with family.


Friday 28 July 2017

Download New Song From 'YungWealth Feat. Trinocoaster & Lee Rhymez-Government'

One of the best Yoruba rappers in Beehive in the person of 'YungWealth', belonging to B.E.M crew has written and recorded a new song featuring two Hip Hop heads living in Beehive. Trinocoaster and Lee Rhymez A.K.A Jan Wu responded to YungWealth's invitation to jump on a song alongside him.
GOVERNMENT is the name of the track that is about to blow your mind.
Click the download button below to get your copy!

Download New Music From 'Real House Generals-High Life'

They go by the name "Real House Generals" and they are out with a new song titled 'High Life'.
The Real House General's comprises of 'Just-Ice, Vick V and Vesh.
It is almost impossible for a crew of this nature to come out with anything that could not be widely accepted with the kind of flows, Lines, Concepts and most importantly having a diva on the song.
Enjoy this song and share.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Download New Music From; Shebzy-My City

Talking about Hip Hop music and a lady behind the Mic? Ever heard of Shebzy? Cute lady with royal flows already hitting the streets, Shebzy got vibes and guts to make a difference.
The young lady premiered her 1st single to spies up your speakers and headphones as she rides round the city and even beyond with her new track, MY CITY.
Enjoy this  song and share around.


Sunday 23 July 2017

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Download 'M Nass Feat. Lil Joe-Kauce Daga Nan ( KDs)'

M Nass is here again with another song which he collaborated with Undisputed lyrical champion, Lil Joe. The two artistes have done what is expected of them the moment they stepped on the mic to make history and indeed history was made especially tonight as the world witness the release of one of the most anticipated track about to run the streets, 'KAUCE DAGA NAN'.



Friday 21 July 2017

CYPHER VIDEO RELEASE; Download KRMC VIDEO (Directed by KDs Kawu)

KDs Records Monthly Cypher (KRMC) Video is here with its 1st edition featuring D-Flex, Kalito, El-Jozzy, YungWealth, J.Kaps and Lee Rhymes.
The video is the first ever to be directed and edited by KDs with Sam-B as the camera man. More Videos coming soon and we hope to give you nothing but the best.



Wednesday 19 July 2017

NEW SONG RELEASE FROM 'Dreph Dee X AsapBliss-Complete Me'

Dreph Dee and Asap Bliss are incredibly on top of their career and they decided to bless us this morning with this inspirational song 'Complete Me'.
The two artistes under 'DA ABSTRACT MEDIA' have more songs coming your way and as for those demanding for dance tracks, these guys are here for you too.
ENJOY COMPLETE ME BY {Dreph X AsapBliss-Complete Me}

Sunday 16 July 2017

Download New Musc From 'Lil Sam-Wad Up Go Hard Freestyle'

Lil Sam is another Hip Hop rapper full of abilities and skills and he did went hard on this beat as he free-styled on it. The Hit gang artist is expected to drop more songs within the year and nothing but greatness should be expected.


Saturday 15 July 2017

Download Free beat from KDs-No 0017

The 17th free beat from KDs archives is already out and you are free to use it anywhere and anytime.



The incredible M -Nass under the management of KRMPP is here with a new single, COME The young talented and skillful rapper have on the song 'THE MEEK MAN'(Pheoniqs) and the two have made an incredible justice to the hit.
You wouldn't do yourself good if you visit this site without downloading this SONG.

New Nusic From 'MRP-Take It Easy'

MRP is a young artist finding his way up in the music hierarchy and has many singles already rocking the nukes and crannies of the state.
The young artist decided to make this song a hit by putting his energy, time and intellect on it.
'TAKE IT EASY' is the name and don't forget to DOWNLOAD and share!


Friday 14 July 2017

Download New Song From 'Tha Ben Feat. ElJozzy, Kalito & Emperor-Relate'

Tha BEN is the main guy behind this magnificent collaboration featuring some of the most fluently known rappers within the city of Beehive and even beyond.
El_jozzy, Kalito & Emperor gladly came on board to make this song a success after the great BEN invited them to come over to KDs Records.
Can you relate to good music? Can u relate to professional mix down and mastering? Can you relate to what we are saying here?
'RELATE' with us as you download this song and share with friends and family.


Download New Music From 'Mr. Dee-Gaskiya kina da kyau)

J-town rapper Mr. Dee is here with a new single to rock your playlists and he titled it 'GASKIYA KINA DA KYAU' which means 'Honestly u are beautiful'.
The rapper has his rhymes and flows intact and he did justice to the song as expected.
Show some love and add him to your playlists.


Download New Music From 'B.S.T.S-Guys From Above'(Jazkid, Alhaji Soskid, Mikel T &Blinzzy

One of the most talented crew 'B.S.T.S' are here with a new song to rock your playlists throughtout the weekend and by mere looking, these guys are incredible and so also the sosng.
The crew comprises of Alhaji Soskid, Mikel T, Jazkid and Blinzzy and they title it 'Niggas From Above!
Show some love as you download and share!


Wednesday 12 July 2017

Download New Music From 'Jerzy-Shey U Know'

Jerzy the illest has again made history as he releases another single. The young artist is that non-relenting fellow full of potentials and zeal and has gone places and people have given testimonies of his vast talents and passion for good music.
Jerzy titled this new single 'Sheh U Know' and it is expected of any good music lover out there to download and probably share around.


Download New Music From 'DJ Arab Feat. Cino & DashawNhaty & Kalito-Arab Money'

DJ Arab is that young DJ making unbelievable noise when it comes to good music and awesome collaborations.
The young DJ invited 'CINO, KALITO & DASHAWNHATY' to make this song a hit and for real it is what it is especially for those real people out there in love with real things.
Download & Enjoy ARAB MONEY by DJ ARAB Feat. Cino, Kalito & Dashawnhaty.


Tuesday 11 July 2017

JUST RELEASED: New Music From 'H.S Feat. Bennix-Link Up'

H.S a.k.a Tha Lyrical Osama has featured Bennix of D.S.B in a new single of his 'Link Up'.
The lyrical Osama has been making hits 'Back To Back' and many know him through his unbelievable zeal and passion for music.
Download 'Link Up' by H.S and thank us later.


Download New Music From 'Sir Zee-Niggas Only'

Sir ZEE as he is popularly called has again made his intentions clear about his zeal and passion for music as he is here with another huge single capable of taking over our playlists for a long period of time.
'Niggas Only' is a song for those who know the essence of good music and as we all know 'Real Recognize Real'.
Enjoy this song and do us good by sharing.


Sunday 9 July 2017


Benny2Smart is another lyricist doing great job in Beehive and even beyond. Music is a hobby to this great bunch of talent and this song is a complete illustration of the kind of love he has for music.
Enjoy this song 'AWAY' by Benny2Smart and encourage his career by sharing with friends and even with family.


Saturday 8 July 2017

New Song From 'Eskay, Rimzy, Lil Joe, GBN King, Jonexxy & GIT; -Freaking'

 Joke Gang Crew along side Dope Boiz and Da Icons have made another history as they collaborated together. 'FREAKING' is the topic and maximum delivery of punch lines and metaphors are hugely embedded in between the lines of these kings of Rap.
Show some love as you download this song and share!


Friday 7 July 2017

New Music From {Yung Wealth-Ibinu Oba (King's Anger}

Yung Wealth is one of those real talents making it happen with his own kind and style of pattern.
The artist been managed by KDs Records under KMPP for the month of July has released his 1st single under the management and he titles it 'Ibinu Oba (King's Anger).
Do us good by downloading and sharing this magnificent song!'s%20Anger).mp3


Download New Song From 'One House-4Kingz'

4Kings by Team 'ONE HOUSE' is among the mot anticipated songs at the moment as quite a couple of good rappers are involved in the new single. 
The Kings made an enormous penetration into the industry once more with a track showing their limitless potentials.
Enjoy this song and show them more love by sharing the song around!


Saturday 1 July 2017

Download New Music From B.E.M-Come Back To Me

BEM are back again with a new song to spice up your playlists and they got KIM TAYLORS on this one.
'COME BACK TO ME' is a hit and it is highly recommended for any one longing for good music.
More of BEM should be expected this year and always.
Enjoy this song!

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