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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Download New Music From 'Peace House-Muna Kai

Talking about crew and good delivery? Have u ever heard of the magnificent crew 'Peace House'? It's a cre consisting of three (3) great and talented artistes names Veeking, Leopii and NicholaQ respectively.
The incredible crew has decided to drop something delicious for all those having great taste when it comes to music.
They title this one 'MUNA KAI'


Monday, 26 June 2017

Download New Music From 'H.S-I Want U'

The lyrical Osama A.K.A 'H.S' is here with another song with full of emotions and passion. This guy has been on top of his game and more of this great work should be expected anytime you see him coming through!
Enjoy 'I Want You'


Friday, 23 June 2017

List Of KRMC & KRMP is out! Click On the link to view

Artistes not yet included in KDs Records Voluntary Services would soon be part of the promo as too many artistes are on board. Many opportunities are struggling their into our finger tips and we are ready to shower any artistes with anything we can lay our hands on provided you are a devoted client of the studio.
Below are the lists of voluntary services provided by KDS RECORDS.
  • KRMPP (KDs Records Monthly Promo Program)
This is a platform whereby 3 artistes are selected and given a whole month free of any recording of their choices.
  • KRMC (KDs Records Monthly Cypher)
It is also another platform whereby 6 artistes are selected to be part of a Cypher and in this package, a video is shot for the cypher.
Remember that as far as you are constantly working with us, you shall surely be part of any of the two.

Now, the lists below contains names of artistes to be on our July KRMPP & KRMC respectively;
  1. Yung Wealth
  2. Mr. Paul
  3. M Nass
  1. Mavin
  2. Kammil
  3. Mistazeh
  4. Jasskid
  5. GBN King
  6. SpunksEda
Thank you and let's patiently wait for the month of August and CONGRATULATIONS  to those lucky ones.  

Download New Music From 'L.Breaze Feat. Lee Rhymez-Ahead'

L. Breaze is one of those lyrically inclined artistes any music lover should listen to. The artist got his rhymes and punchlines intact as he collaborated with another incredible rapper 'Lee Rhymes' to bring you this awesome piece of hardworking they title 'AHEAD'
Enjoy this song and be kind enough too share with friends!


Download KRMC Cypher Featurng-YungWealth, Kalito, El_Jozzy, D-Flex, J.Kaps & Lee Rhymz;

One of the most historic collaborations of all time coming from the city of Bauchi under the management of KDS RECORDS has just been released. The cypher is said to be done monthly and this very piece is for the month of May.
We urge you to anticiate the release of the video in no time.
Download and Share!


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Download New Music From 'Soskid-Omo Alhaji'

One of the most highly rated upcoming artistes withing the metropolis has attacked the music industry with his sick flows. 'SOSKID' as people love to call him has decided to update the playlists of his friends and fans with a new song which he title as 'OMO ALHAJI'.
Download and Enjoy New Flavor


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Download New Music From 'Fitzy Crea-Slow Down'

Fitzy Crea is one of those frontiers in Golden City Entertainment and has worked so hard to put this great song to my paper. Fitzy is indeed a great rapper with nice skills and also a good writer.
The artist titles this new song 'Slow Down' and would be our pleasure if you download and share!


Enjoy New Music From 'MYB Feat. Mariluv-Heartbeat'

One of the lyrical mafias in Beehive and even beyond 'MYB' of One House has made an awesome collaboration with another great singer 'Mariluv' to bring us something to keep on steady repeat.
The two talented artistes named this one 'Heartbeat' and you just have to update your playlists right away.


Download New Music From 'Mr. James'-Heaven Is Mine

Mr. James is that Gospel artist with much love for his creator and always giving thanks to God for the lives of his family and friends. 
'HEAVEN IS MY MINE' is a song showing his deep affection for God and His promises for His children. Our priorities should always be Heaven and that's why this talented singer is here to remind us all of our eternity.
Enjoy this song and share!

Monday, 19 June 2017


Download and feel free to use it anywhere, anytime!


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Download New Music From {Smart P Feat. Mavin-Hustle}

Smart P the Igbo rapper with another hot pepper song titled 'HUSTLE' Featuring 'MAVIN' of DSB MUSIC. The two great talents made the song a hit and more of these kinds of great songs should be expected anytime such amazing collaborations kick off.
Enjoy this song and share!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Download New Song From 'Laygend-Work It Out'

Laygend is a One House re-presenter with so much potentials when it comes to 'Mic Delivery' accompanied with greatness. The artist is known for his zeal and strong passion for music withing Behive and Beyond.
The undisputed legendary Laygend is here with a new song he calls 'Work It Out'.
Enjoy and share!


Thursday, 15 June 2017

Download New Music From 'Jimmy J-Almighty Formula'

Jimmy J the lyrical soldier is here with a new hit as usual and he calls it 'ALMIGHTY 4MULA'
The artist has been on top of his game for quite a long time and has featured many other artistes withing Behive and even beyond.
Enjoy this magnificent song and let us know what you think about this 100% young talent.


Monday, 12 June 2017

Download 'SON OF MAN' By El_Speaks

The waters Elocutionist and Eloquent who does The art of public speaking with expert control of gesture and voice "El-kamcy Speaks" also known as El speaks The poet El speaks who is known for his fluent persuasive lines and effective in expressing meaning by speech drops a piece and he titled it "Son Of Man". The poet, is his piece is talking about Jesus Christ as the son of man, through the Spirit holiness and resurrection from the dead He was declared to be the son of God with power.. Just download it and also hear the word of God that was made flesh..


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Download New Music From 'Lil Joe Feat. Elj0zzy-Sipili'

Lil Joe the lyrical superman is at it again with another incredible song featuring El_Jozzy the 'HAYAKI MAN'.
Both artistes have been on KRMPP and has made their friends and fans proud with the kind of music they give out.
Enjoy this song and feel the vibe.


Saturday, 10 June 2017

Download New Music From {SDK-Feelings}

SDK one of the most promising and upcoming artist/producer in Beehive has made history with a song full of creativity and credibility. The fellow is a graphics designer and has done much withing the city and even beyond.
You don't wanna let go of this page without clicking on the download button below👇


Friday, 9 June 2017

New Music From {Young J Feat. SpunksEda-Muso Juna}

Young Jay the Christian singer and rapper has made an enormous penetration into the Gospel music industry with a new and inspiring track promoting love between brethren, featuring SPUNKS EDA.
The two ministers have made more sense in the song depicting love in their lines.
Enjoy this song and do us proud by promoting it in any way possible for the sake of peace especially now that the country is facing more challenges.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

New Song From 'X-Shalomzy_F*ck Beema'

No much to say as no one would care to read rather hit the download button and get the most anticipated song regarding one of the most hottest and on-going controversies withing Beehive.  
X-Shalomzy_F*ck Beema👇


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Download New Music From {M Nass Feat. Trinocoaster-Holla At Ur Boy}

M Nass is that young guy with high intellectual music talent that goes beyond matured minds, this guy is gifted and with the way he is up and going with his music career, he might end up been one of the best in the city.
The young man featured a red neck in the republic #Trinocoaster and they title this one "Holla At Ur Boy".
Download and enjoy this piece of music and kindly RBC.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Download New Music From 'H.S Feat. Smart P-Famous'

H.S is back with his famous style and on a track he call 'FAMOUS' featuring one of the credible hip hop heads in the metropolis, SMART P.
Enjoy this song and leave a comment, Thank You!


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