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Friday 23 June 2017

List Of KRMC & KRMP is out! Click On the link to view

Artistes not yet included in KDs Records Voluntary Services would soon be part of the promo as too many artistes are on board. Many opportunities are struggling their into our finger tips and we are ready to shower any artistes with anything we can lay our hands on provided you are a devoted client of the studio.
Below are the lists of voluntary services provided by KDS RECORDS.
  • KRMPP (KDs Records Monthly Promo Program)
This is a platform whereby 3 artistes are selected and given a whole month free of any recording of their choices.
  • KRMC (KDs Records Monthly Cypher)
It is also another platform whereby 6 artistes are selected to be part of a Cypher and in this package, a video is shot for the cypher.
Remember that as far as you are constantly working with us, you shall surely be part of any of the two.

Now, the lists below contains names of artistes to be on our July KRMPP & KRMC respectively;
  1. Yung Wealth
  2. Mr. Paul
  3. M Nass
  1. Mavin
  2. Kammil
  3. Mistazeh
  4. Jasskid
  5. GBN King
  6. SpunksEda
Thank you and let's patiently wait for the month of August and CONGRATULATIONS  to those lucky ones.  


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