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Thursday 29 November 2018

Music || Connect Me || by D'Paramount Feat. S.Y

CONNECT ME by D'Paramount is a HIT that is about to make you fall in love with good music as you connect to it & feel what it means to have a power of conncetion.
This time around, D'Paramount has S.Y on this incredible piece of good of connect.
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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Music || Come True || by El Bee (m&m by KDS)

Lots of things come true especially when we put our minds to them. Could be dreams, aspirations, and so on.
El Bee is giving us a new sound today & he calls it 'COME TRUE'.
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Monday 26 November 2018

E.P || Far From God || by Swanbee

Talking of blazing & dedicated Gospel rappers in the north, Swanbee is one of those that have been keeping it real for a very long time.
Swanbee is here with his 1st brand new E.P & he titled it 'FAR FROM GOD'.
Get tracks below!

1. Shariya Feat. KDS

2. Blood Of The Lamb

3. Welcome Home

4. Zaman Tsaro Feat. Stesh

5. Moon Light

6. Far From God Feat. Prokid

7. Dai Dai Ne

8. Bajada Baya

9. Mai Taimako


Sunday 25 November 2018

Music || I Stand In The Awe || by Abel Lautalson (m&m by DJ PAPI)

ABEL LAUTALSON is that young blood with incredible passion for good music to the Glory of God.
This great guy has released a new single & he calls it 'I STAND IN THE AWE' which was mixed & mastered by DJ PAPI.
You don't wanna exit this page without downloading this awesome piece of great song.
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Music || Pray 4 Me || by A.D BiggerDream

A.D BiggerDream as most people call him,, is one of the MC's that has been keeping his music real & kept making HITS back to back.
This young artist has titled this song 'PRAY 4 ME' & been today his Birthday, it is our hope that each download represents a prayer for more years to come.
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Music || Forgiveness || by CK'ZEE X DAJEXZ (m&m by KDS)

CK'ZEE & Dajexz have collaborated to bring us this great music today been Sunday titled 'FORGIVENESS'.
This is actually a good one & you need to download & share song with friends & family.


Sunday 18 November 2018

Music || Jesus Warrior || by Lio Mike Feat. Criz BlinQz (m&m by KDS)

Lio Mike is a Gospel artist full of passion for the work of Christ & has his kid brother (Criz BlinQz) on this one.
They call it 'JESUS WARRIOR'
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Friday 16 November 2018

Music || Freestyle 01 || by School Boiz (m&m by KDS)

Freestyle 01 by School Boiz (Jay6eex & Lilvic) is a song that is about to blow your minds & make you feel proud of young bloods making good music day in day out.
Enjoy it people, it's a wonderful piece.
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Thursday 15 November 2018

Music || GAISUWA || by Colabour Mai Saje

One of the realest guys keeping it real in the city of Bauchi, 'COLABOUR MAI SAJE' has this song for your listening pleasure.
He calls it 'GAISUWA' & this is one of it's kind entirely.
Enjoy song, don't exit page without having your own piece of this greatness.
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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Music || Bindiga || by K4 X CK'Zee Feat. Shaypee (m&m by KDS)

K4 and CK ZEE a talented Artist from beehive has just drop a jam titled 'BINDIGA' & they have Shaypee on this magnificent piece of art.
You don't wanna exit this page without having your own copy of the song.
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Music || Bossbaby || by KDS

Bossbaby by KDS.
No long talk, just go ahead & enjoy real music!


Music || Acting Local || by DMTREZY (m&m by KDS)

One of the coolest kid in Bauchi but brought up in ABUJA "DMTREZY'' has dropped a new single with the title 'ACTING LOCAL'.
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Sunday 11 November 2018

Music || F*CK History || by Ice BlinX (m&m by KDS)

After some times of silence, ICE BLINX is back again with a new song and he calls it 'F*CK History'.
Enjoy song.
DOWNLOAD & SHARE (with friends & family)


Saturday 10 November 2018

Music || Juice || by Mr. Eagles (m&m by KDS)

Mr. Eagles it's a team of two strong hip hop heads (Eyoquan & Young EPX) & are up to something with this irresistible piece of joint, 'JUICE'.


Music || Nightmare || by Nathybulla (m&m by KDS)

NIGHTMARE is the song that is about to blow your minds and as usual, it is the unstoppable 'NATHYNULLA'.
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Friday 9 November 2018

Music || Phone || by Insayne (m&m by KDS)

Insayne the lyrical guru has dropped a new single & has many more coming your way.
He named this one 'PHONE' & for sure this jam is INSAYNE..
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Music || LUNGU || by KDS {Nasty C's Jungle Cover}

KDS a producer in KDS RECORDS has finally decided to drop his new single today as expectations of people tends to die off as a result of delay of the release of the single.
The young producer has named the song 'LUNGU' & many controversial issues were actually ironed.
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Music || Vanessa || by Mzt. Phaze (m&m by KDS)

Mzt Phaze is has decided to give us a new single to enjoy the weekend with & he calls it 'VANESSA' which was mixed & mastered in KDS RECORDS.
Vanessa has the sauce in it. Get it!


Thursday 8 November 2018

Music || Har Abada (Ruby Gyang's Cover) || by Shaypee

Shaypee a producer @KDSRECORDS has also laced his own cover of Ruby Gyang's 'HAR ABADA' song.
The young talented artist has more hits coming your way. Download & Share!


Saturday 3 November 2018

Music || LIVING LEGEND || by Nasbee (M&M by KDS)

It is Nasbee the unstoppable lyrical rapper with a great song. 
LIVING LEGEND is the song that is about to blow your minds. 
Download & Share!


Music || COLLEGE KID || by Bermihanz (M&M by KDS)

COLLEGE KID by BERMIHANZ is the new song that is about to make you know what artists go through especially those that mix school & music.
Download & Enjoy song with friends & family.


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