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Wednesday 31 January 2018

Click To Download /LOVE IS A GIFT/ by MRKBOY

Mr.KBOY Sarki is a sensational young Arewa singer with great lyrics and has been in the industry for quite some time with many improvements.
LOVE IS A GIFT is the new song he is kicking off January 2018 with & has plans of releasing more songs in the future.
Download & share.


Click To Download /CONTROL/ by Kammil

Front liner of Kush Republic in the person of 'Kammil Ballat' A.K.A Kammil has again made us proud by releasing his first single 'CONTROL' in the year 2018.
The Martaba Base icon has been given us hits BACK TO BACK & as we all know this very single is not an exception.
Enjoy this song & share around!


Monday 29 January 2018

Click To Download /WASSUP MHN/ by Jef drillz

Here is another rap single from one of the Abuja young talented rapper ' who sets out to be the most talked about art in the city and beyond. The fast rising artiste who had been underground for a while, after dropping his mix-tape single which he covered a track of the American hip hop rapper Drake which he titled Bragging. Jef drillz  decided to drop Wassup mhn which he intended to use for anticipation of his next single titled O.A.P. 
So while anticipating o.a.p, enjoy wassup mhn and bragging while we watch out for more images, tracks and visuals from the RAPKAMP very own art JEF DRILLZ .


Saturday 27 January 2018


TSB MUSIC has again presented CELE SNAZY as he steps on a new song & he calls it 'STEPPING ON' and he invited the likes of BENNIX & SMART P on the song.
The three wise men have been making great music withing the city & all have several singles hitting up the streets of Baugidi.


Friday 26 January 2018

Click To Download /Pour Me Water (Mr. Easy Cover_) by Flamez

Flamez Entertainment/KUSH REPUBLIC Presents;
'Flamez' as most people call him, is here with 'Pour Me Water (Mr. Easy Cover_)' and he actually did justice to this song because he has what it takes to bring out the best out of the song!
We dare you to download this song & in anticipation we await your ratings regarding this irresistible song.
Download & Share!


Click To Download /ASALAM ALEKUM/ by Benz Scott Gazoo

Benz Scott is here with a new song and he calls it 'ASALAM ALEKUM' and this is a sure banger for all who can be able to relate to it and if u don't, you can as well dance to the tunes. 
You hardly have great and skillful artists full of potentials like Benz Scott Gazoo because of his undisputed style of approach when it comes to 100% mic delivery and attitude.
Download & Enjoy!


Click To Download /ADVICE/ From H.S

H.S is here again with another song which is going to be his 1st song in 2018 and he calls it 'ADVICE'.
H.S is unique in his style and most people like him for his consistent love for what he does and he is good at it.
Enjoy this song and share with friends and family\


Wednesday 24 January 2018

Click To Download /Happy Birthday/ by SHENZI

One of those young & talented artists in BAUGIDI with sensational voices when it comes to R&B is Shenzi
To those that know this great guy, would testify that he has what it takes to be heard & promoted.
He calls this song 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' & he is dedicating it to his friends & fans & also whoever that celebrating their birthday all over the globe.
This song is a masterpiece & you wouldn't wanna leave this very page without downloading your own copy of the song.
Download & Share!


Click To Download /SHUGABA/ by Mystic

BlaQ Tigers has presented another great & undisputed rapper to add up to our playlists. He is called MYSTIC & he decided to call this song 'SHUGABA'.
Many young rappers are emerging and many songs have been trending. 
Download & Share!


Tuesday 23 January 2018

Click To Download /SHAKE OFF/ by BST'S

The BST's are here with another song and they call it 'SHAKE OFF' and the artists 'MRP da Crane, SOSKID & Blinzzy" have made serious justice to the instrumental.
You don't want to leave this page without having your won copy of the banger!
Click on the download below!


Monday 22 January 2018


After incorporating the Company, KDS ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED, on the 19th of January 2018 by CAC, the C.E.O of the Record Label has made it clear that the official studio (KDS RECORDS) of KDS ENTERTAINMENT has has no official producers working with the firm.
However, there have been producers working in the studio but are yet to be made official prior to agreements yet to be reached &NEVER FOR ONCE TO BE BREACHED by the producers when signed into the company.
The company is therefore inviting all the producers that have been working with KDS RECORDS to endeavor to come over to the studio and obtain a copy of the contract to read and fully comprehend and to also come to terms with the rules and regulations of the company before been recognized as a producer under the company's official recording studio otherwise, such persons should never claim to be legit producers of the studio to avoid legal actions.
This would be the 1st signing the studio is ever going to carry out.
More so, there is Vacancy for apprenticeship at the moment so those interested should endeavor to see the C.E.O before 7pm on Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018.   
Thank you.



After incorporating the Company, KDS ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED, on the 19th of January 2018 by CAC, the C.E.O of the Record Label has made it clear that the official studio (KDS RECORDS) of KDS ENTERTAINMENT has has no official producers working with the firm.
However, there have been producers working in the studio but are yet to be made official prior to agreements yet to be reached & NEVER FOR ONCE TO BE BREACHED by the producers when signed into the company.
The company is therefore inviting all the producers that have been working with KDS RECORDS to endeavor to come over to the studio and obtain a copy of the contract to read and fully comprehend and to also come to terms with the rules and regulations of the company before been recognized as a producer under the company's official recording studio otherwise, such persons should never claim to be legit producers of the studio to avoid legal actions.
This would be the 1st signing the studio is ever going to carry out.
More so, there is Vacancy for apprenticeship at the moment so those interested should endeavor to see the C.E.O before 7pm on Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018.   
Thank you.

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Click To Download /You Know What I Mean/ by YUNG WEALTH

Yungwealth is one of those artists making Baugidi (Bauchi) proud and anytime this young talent is on the mic or stage is FIRE!
The Yoruba rapper is on his way to stardom as he started the year 2018 with a mind blowing song, 'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN'. 
Enjoy and share!


Monday 15 January 2018

Click To Download /All For You/ by Zeus BABA

Zeus Baba Is one of those talented Nigerians making great songs standing the taste of time. Zeus Baba is based in Abuja and hales from Benue State.
All for you is a song for all in love with music all over the globe and much should be expected from this incredible singer.
Enjoy this great piece of music and share with friends and family as you download and share!


Sunday 14 January 2018

Click To Download /FORGIVE MY SOUL/ by Mozta Priest

The young and ever flowing lyricist Baugidi ( BAUCHI)is exporting is 'MOZTA PRIEST VIN LADEN' or The Underground Ghost.
This young and undisputed talent has made his intentions known when it comes to true culture of Hip Hop via strong lyrical contents.
FORGIVE MY SOUL is the name of this new song that is about to take charge of your playlists.
Download & Share!


Monday 8 January 2018

Once I Stop Sleeping With Him, Our Wealth Will Vanish - Zambian Mum Who Sleeps With Her Sons Confesses

A Zambian mother Banda Yvonne, a 52-year- old, has confessed to sleeping with her son to grow his wealth and keep him alive.
According to Yvonne, she has been having sex with her son every Wednesday for the past 14 years, adding that the day she stops, the boy will lose his wealth and his life.
The 52-year old made the confession to ZambiaWatchDog, saying she got the instruction from the 'witch doctor' he got his riches from.
Tired of the evil act, Yvonne made a confession in church and sought prayers but continued the sexual relationship due to fear her son will die a painful death.
I have been sleeping with my son, Abel since 2002 when he started his transportation business which has grown tremendously and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses and other small cars.
We have sex every Wednesday and we do it at my house where the charm was buried." the price is that, once I stop sleeping with him, all our hard earned wealth will vanish in thin air and my son will die a very painful death.

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-rufai Visits Tunde Bakare In His Church During Sunday Service

Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, earlier yesterday, 8th of January, 2018, paid a visit to clergyman, Tunde Bakare, during a service at his Latter Rain Assembly Church in Lagos.
The visit of the distinguished guest comes almost a week after the clergyman, stated while preaching, that God had instructed Nasir El-Rufai to run for President but God has not however revealed what year he should run.
Governor El-Rufai paid a similar visit to the clergyman in July 2016.


Sunday 7 January 2018

"If you are broke & your girlfriend is the one paying the rent, then it is your role to scream during s£x" - Special Spesh says

Davido's Hypeman, Special Spesh has shared a piece on his Instagram page, where he's urging all guys to be their "girl's girl", if they really are as broke as hell.

He wrote on his Instagram; "If you're broke and your Girl is paying your rent. then it's YOUR role to scream during s-ex. You can't be useless DAY and NIGHT."


Saturday 6 January 2018

Nigerian Senator Doze Off During Senate Hearing On Fuel Scarcity

A Nigerian Senator has been captured on camera, sleeping at the senate hearing on the current fuel scarcity on Thursday.
Members of the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream, were interrogating the Minister of state for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu, and the NNPC Group Managing Director, Maikanti Baru, when one of them was seen clearly in another state of mind.


Click To Download /All The Stars/ Feat. Kendrick Lamar Feat. SZA

After dropping two of the best albums of 2017 with DAMN. and Ctrl, respectively, Kendrick Lamar and SZA kickstart the new year in the best way possible by teaming up for a new song. 
The Sounwave-produced "All the Stars" isn't necessarily a precursor to what the TDE pair have in store for us in 2018; instead, it's the first single from the upcoming Black Panther soundtrack, which Kendrick will "curate and produce" alongside his label boss Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith.
"Marvel Studios' Black Panther is amazing, from its cast to its director. The magnitude of this film showcases a great marriage of art and culture," Kendrick said in a statement. "I'm truly honored to contribute my knowledge of producing sound and writing music alongside Ryan and Marvel's vision." Black Panther hits theaters on February 16.


Friday 5 January 2018

Click To Download E.P /OUR MUSIC OM/ by King Bush & SmartBTrams

'OM' is the abbreviation getting harsh tags all over Beehive & even beyond. The abbreviation which stands for 'Our Music' is a recently released E.P by great Hip Hop icons based in the city of Beehive, 'King Bush and SmartBTrams.
The news of this E.P has spread beyond cities already and in it, there are 6 irresistible & palatable tracks ready to get into your system and make you feel satisfied with real Hip Hop!
You don't wanna leave this dope page without downloading the whole songs outta this dope E.P by these dope artists.

Tracks below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ 

1. D4C----> DOWNLOAD

2. Dream Girl----> DOWNLOAD

3. Hanyar Kano----> DOWNLOAD

4. Life----> DOWNLOAD

5. Scritches----> DOWNLOAD

6. Sister Kpansh----> DOWNLOAD


Thursday 4 January 2018

Click To Download /Finesse Remix/ by Bruno Mars Feat. Cardi B

There was a time Bruno Mars was questioned by an artist if he listens to the Bodak Yellow Rapper Cardi B and he replies 'Yes, she is an artist i listen to' and as the rapper got to hear what Bruno said about her, she got excited and even posted on Twitter;  "This is soooo crazy Can't believe he even knows me @brunomars soooo Dope.
This is an encouragement to our most talented and never relenting up and coming artist that their songs can be heard by famous artist any where in the world and who knows they could be called for any cool collaboration or signing.
Now the two great artists have collaborated on FINESSE REMIX and it is here for you for free to download and share!


Monday 1 January 2018

Click To Download /TRUE FACT/ by MRP

MRP is the name of our artist tonight as he releases his new single 'TRUE FACT'.
The artist has released so many songs in the year 2017 and now it is believed that he is on his way to stardom as more songs should be expected from the young blood besides, he has started this year with a new song.
Enjoy this song and share with friends


Click To Download E.P 'MY SUPER WOMAN' by UZU

UZU as he is popularly known, is one of those talented northern young artistes making waves in the city of Kaduna and its environs. 
He is known for his 'EASY' kind of eloquent voice and most people believe that this is the new product coming out of the north in the year 2018.
Download and Enjoy This E.P 'My Super Woman'

1. My Super Woman---> Download

2. Trap Queen---> Download

3. Number One---> Download

4. Follow Me---> Download 

5. Pretty Girl---> Download 


17 Bad Habits You Need To Kill In 2017 To Be More Successful In 2018

Finally take control of your destiny by deleting the negative habits that have been dragging you down 
Many of you will resolve to start a new positive habit in 2018. Adding good habits can be fun, but unfortunately (most of the time), they don't work. Approximately 38 percent of Nigerians will make resolutions, and only 8 percent will succeed.
Instead of adding a new diet or workout regime, let's remove the negative habits that have been holding you back.

1. Kill your habit of checking social media during the workday.

Social media platforms are masters of making you stay there. Getting lost in Facebook can be fun, but it's counterproductive during the day--especially while you're trying to build that presentation for your investors.

Now that we're on the subject, turn off the notifications on your phone, too. You can check your Snaps on your break.

2. Kill your habit of thinking it's all about you.

Your frowning boss isn't conspiring to fire you, as much as the cashier isn't giggling about your tie. They're thinking about themselves, and their own problems. Not you. I promise.

It's not about you. So cut it out. Run on that assumption when dealing with every human interaction in your life, and you'll be much happier.

3. Kill your habit of multitasking.

Science tells us that only 2 percent of us can really multitask. So don't try. Try this instead: When attempting to get something off your to-do list, shut down every browser and app on your screen except for the ones you need.

Otherwise, you'll get notifications for LinkedIn requests, Facebook Live posts, and tweets. A never-ending stream of distraction. So shut down everything except the program you need, and finally get things done.

4. Kill your habit of comparing yourself with everyone.

You will never win this game. There will always be someone smarter, better looking, richer, and (seemingly) happier. Always. Focus on yourself, your mindset, your health, the state of your being, and you'll win.

5. Kill your habit of complaining.

It's just not worth it. Be aware of the words that come out of your mouth. They affect you and the people around you.

Speak of good things, and more good things happen. Speak of negative things, and more negative things happen. Simple.

6. Kill your habit of wasting time with negative people.

If they don't love and support you, get rid of them. You don't have to shout, kick, and scream. Just stop being available to them. They won't notice. They're too self-centered to care.

7. Kill your habit of taking or organizing long and unnecessary meetings.

Less meeting means more doing. We're all adults. Take the meeting, do what you need to do, and go and do it. You can still be social, and have fun, and succeed in making meetings more efficient.

Try this in your next meeting. Set an agenda. As you run through the agenda, go around the room and have everyone share:

What they're working on.

What they've completed.

What they need in order to complete what they're still working on.

It works, I promise. You'll shave half an hour off your meeting time.

8. Kill your habit of saying yes.

You may think you don't have enough time. You do. You just spend your time doing the wrong things.

Stop saying yes to everything. Embrace no. Love no. No is your word for 2017. Love it, live it, and use it.

9. Kill your habit of self-loathing thoughts and beliefs.

Enough is enough. You are good at what you do. You have it in you. If you can't silence that voice in your head, begin a regimen of meditation. If you need some quick wins to feel good about yourself, write three things you want to change this year. Right now. Go ahead; I'll wait.

Congratulations. You took the first step. Feel that little endorphin release in your brain? That's what you're looking for. Keep doing that, and you'll break that habit and create a new one. A habit where you actually get things done. Go--do things.

10. Kill your habit of sitting.

Get off your backside. Run, exercise, move. But stop sitting. Oh, and get a standing desk while you're at it.

11. Kill your habit of underachieving.

You're better than this. You have more in you, and you're not getting any younger. Start that business. Resign from that horrible job. Do it now. The only thing stopping you is you. Not your family, not your bank account.

12. Kill your habit of bragging about your resolutions before they happen.

Your brain thinks you've accomplished them when you announce them to the world. Stop that. This TED Talk helps to explain the phenomenon.

13. Kill your habit of creating excuses.

While you're at it, kill the habit of creating reasons. They're just excuses with lipstick on.

14. Kill your habit of reality TV, celebrity gossip, etc.

You're an adult; this shouldn't be a part of your entertainment. It's junk food for your brain. Feels great at first, but there is always a negative mental consequence.

15. Kill your habit of obsessing over doomsday scenarios.

It's good to have some healthy skepticism, but pessimists don't change the world, motivate people, or come up with innovative ideas. They only bring the people around them down.

16. Kill your habit of obsessing over things outside of your control.

Focus your time, energy, and resources on improving yourself. You can control everything you put in your body, think about, and do. Master yourself and become ruler of your universe.

17. Kill your habit of making sure everything is perfect.

It ain't happening. Ever. This is just a complicated form of procrastination. Which is a deeper manifestation of your fear. Get out of your own way, and let it rip.


Top 5 Most Dangerous Places In Lagos (Must See)

This is done not in an attempt to belittle residents of such area rather this article serves as a wake up call to Government agencies saddled with the responsibilities of making Lagos state a better place for all and not for some selected few.

This list below shows "Top 5 dangerous places in Lagos" that needs the full attention of the government.
Places on this list form the core areas that have been classified unsafe due to environmental hazards, health hazards, lack of development, security breaches and criminality.

Sit back see our list and reasons for making the list of top dangerous places in Lagos state.

5. MILE 12/ KETU

Ketu and environs like other parts of Lagos on this list is a peculiar spot for hooligans who function most effectively at nights.
Alaperu district of Ketu is also noted for property scam of all sorts. Killings and kidnappings are common features of this area of Lagos that is not too far from Ikorodu.
The crime situation here got so serious that the government had to build a police station to checkmate the activities of the criminals that have been having a field day in the area.
Two years ago, guns and ammunitions, local charms among other dangerous weapons were discovered when the Lagos State government demolished 'Ajelogo' market, a sub section of Mile 12.
At night, snatching of mobile handsets from commuters who sit at the window side of buses/cars, is also a common trend.
The Popular Mile 12 market, where many Lagosians converge to buy, sell and possibly steal is one of the busiest and filthiest market in Lagos.
Its presence in the Ketu/Mile 12 district is one of the reasons why there is usually traffic congestion in the area.

Attacks are carried-out both day and night in Estate bus stop at Alapere.

Mushin, town, Lagos state, southwestern Nigeria is a densely populated suburb of Lagos city, and its inhabitants are mostly Yoruba people.
Continuing expansion from 1950 led to problems of overcrowding, inadequate housing, and poor sanitation.
Mushin is the site of a large industrial estate. Commercial enterprises include spinning and weaving cotton, shoe manufacturing, bicycle and motorized-cycle assembly, and the production of powdered milk.
Agricultural produce is brought for sale in the large central market.
The town is served by secondary schools and has a hospital. Mushin lies on the railway from Lagos and at the intersection of roads from Lagos, Shomolu, and Ikeja.
adjacent to the main road to Ikeja, and is a largely congested residential area with inadequate sanitation and low-quality housing.
Mushin is one of the dangerous areas in Lagos State. It was formerly referred to as 'Mushin Olosa' meaning "Mushin the den of thieves".
Though, Mushin has other fine areas and has also produced bundles of talents and men of integrity, the big 'M' city as fondly called has other deadly spots where drugs, marijuana and others are sold freely.

Places like 'Oduduwa' Street, among others are somewhat unsafe for strangers most especially at night.


This is another area of Lagos State where street urchins usually establish their dynasties. The black spot is known for selling of hard drugs like cocaine and marijuana.
Petty thieves thrive in this zone while rape, mugging, bank robbery among other social ills have become a mainstay. The area is an haven for miscreants.
Among other deadly spots in Agege include: Akerele near AP filling station, Oke-koto, Kasumun Street, Agbotrikuyo, Pen Cinema, New Oko-Oba and host of others.
Residents of Old Abeokuta Motor Road, Abattoir in Oko-Oba and other areas in Agege, Lagos, have had to cope with the offensive odour from the abattoir located in the area.
Apart from the health hazards and damage to the environment, the abattoir is a stop over for flood any time it rains as most of the drainage around are blocked by refuse discharged from there.
The area is always flooded as the canal from Fagba to the abattoir and another one in Oko-Oba Estate are blocked completely.
The disgusting odour which is a source of worry to the residents in the area is as a result of flushing of blood and other wastes from slaughtered cows into the canal.
On a lighter mood, one good thing you can't take away from this place is its affiliation with the popular 'Agege bread'.
Several stories abound about the genesis of this bread. One version has it that the bread began to gain prominence in the early '70s. As the story goes, it was first produced in Agege.
From there it eased its way into other parts of the state. Originally known as Ayokuno Bread, when it attained a degree of popularity, it became known as Agege Bread.
The National Youth Service Corps Permanent Orientation Camp is located at Iyana-Ipaja Road,Agege.

Agege boast of very few industries, it is the hub of the Popular Aluminium Village which connects with the popular Abeokuta Express road.

This one has no rival when it comes to the number one spot. Ajegunle is king of them all, in fact other areas 'dey learn where AJ dey'.
Ajegunle is probably the biggest and most 'unsafe' ghetto in Lagos. It is a highly populated district in Lagos that gives credence to the extent of poverty and economic hardship in Nigeria.
Ajegunle juggles an eclectic mix of ethnic groups and religions who manage to co-habit harmoniously despite the harsh living conditions. AJ city as its popularly called is a jungle of some sort; an haven for criminals.
Open engorged sewers, a valley of garbage, frustrated and mean faces are some of the interesting sights to behold when you visit Ajegunle.
A place where the quest for survival is at its highest and where the average young girl is expected to become a mother before her 18th birthday.
Although the town is located on the outskirts of Lagos, near the sea, residents are forced to live with the constant challenge of water scarcity as water surrounding this part of the state is heavily contaminated with sewage and refuse.
This scarcity has led to the boom in the water selling business. You can live in AJ for free but what happens afterwards can't be guaranteed.
Nonetheless one thing you can't take away from Aj city is the closely knitted communal bond regardless of their population, little wonder there really hasn't been any widely reported case of widespread violence asides crimes perpetrated.
In spite of the harsh living conditions, this section of Lagos State is popular for producing some of Nigeria's greatest musicians and footballers.
Stars like Daddy Showkey and Taribo West have their pasts rooted in Ajegunle. This probably accounts for the sense of pride its inhabitants have for the area.
Boundary bus stop in Ajegunle popularly referred to as the 'one million boys' gang territory where criminals attack passengers in vehicles is a no-go area for visitors.

The popular Tolu complex; where 37 schools struggled for space is situated in Ajegunle.


Located close to the Lagoon and sharing boundary with Ogun state, this area has been a hotbed of violence & Killings by a stupid group called "Badoo" in recent times.
From kidnapping to riots to communal clashes, Ikorodu is the Lagos epicentre for cult activities. In June, suspected militants invaded Ilara in Ogijo, a community in the area, causing mayhem.

Those are the top 5 unsafe zones in Lasgidi.

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