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Friday 5 January 2018

Click To Download E.P /OUR MUSIC OM/ by King Bush & SmartBTrams

'OM' is the abbreviation getting harsh tags all over Beehive & even beyond. The abbreviation which stands for 'Our Music' is a recently released E.P by great Hip Hop icons based in the city of Beehive, 'King Bush and SmartBTrams.
The news of this E.P has spread beyond cities already and in it, there are 6 irresistible & palatable tracks ready to get into your system and make you feel satisfied with real Hip Hop!
You don't wanna leave this dope page without downloading the whole songs outta this dope E.P by these dope artists.

Tracks belowπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ 

1. D4C----> DOWNLOAD

2. Dream Girl----> DOWNLOAD

3. Hanyar Kano----> DOWNLOAD

4. Life----> DOWNLOAD

5. Scritches----> DOWNLOAD

6. Sister Kpansh----> DOWNLOAD



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