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Wednesday 28 February 2018

Click To Download /Thou Sayeth/ by Beflex

Gospel Rappers Cycle Worldwide presents 'BEFLEX' as he release his new single which he titled 'THOU SAYETH'.
The Gospel rapper is known for his deep scriptural verses immersed in his songs & MANY that know this fellow can testify that he is out to preach Christ & nothing else.
Go ahead & have a church flavor on your playlists as Beflex takes us to church & DON'T forget to pick out anything from the song as it edifies your spirit & soul.
Download & Share!


Click To Download /Eyes Shut/ by Khalid Jones

In loving memory of Blessing Istifanus (Momeh), Khalid Jones has written a song titled 'Eyes Shut' as the entire people of Bauchi State and even beyond grieve as she left us all in this wicked world.
This song is more than just a tribute, download & sympathize along.


Click To Download /Naso The Thing Go/ by Last King

Brix Nation Music presents Last King with yet another new single for all music lovers round the globe.
The undisputed king titled this one 'Naso The Thing Go' & be sure of nothing but great music
as you download & share with friends & family.


Click To Download /BLESSINGS/ by A.D Bigger Dream

Sound House Gospel Ministers presents A.D Bigger Dream with a new song called 'BLESSING' which was mixed & mastered by Scozy of Klick Records in Toro L.G.A. of Bauchi State, Nigeria.
A.D is known for his peculiar style of rap & stage attitude but most especially his humility.
Enjoy this song & share blessing with people around.


Tuesday 27 February 2018

Click To Download /Wash My Brain/ by Soskid Feat. Faith Taylors

Alhaji Soskid has featured Faith Taylors in a song called 'WASH MY BRAIN' & it is exclusively for all lovers out there.
Enjoy & Share!


Monday 26 February 2018

Click To Download /ZAMU PASO/ By Ybillions, Shakblinx, CoolJay & Deetex

Zamu Paso is a new song sang by some talented young artists & as we all know, many of us started somewhere & these guys are saying they are just arriving.
Enjoy this song by Ybillions X Shakblinx X CoolJay X Deetex 'ZAMU PASO'


Click To Download /Bygone/ by A.D & Scozy Feat. GenEx & Douglas YC

A.D & Scozy of Sound House Entertainment has collaborated with Genex & Douglas YC to bring you this incredible piece of music called 'Bygone'.
Everything done in the past is kept in the bag & as each new day unfolds, put your dreams into reality & work towards a better future.
This song is free & all can download & also share with friends & family.


Wednesday 21 February 2018

Click The Link Below To Download /BAYANIN NIGERIA/ by DanBalarabe

KDS ENTERTAINMENT presents Danbalarabe with a new song under the management of the company.
Danbalarabe is known for his AREWA sensational voice & simplicity.
Enjoy this song & share!


Click To Download /ONLY YOU/ by P.M.D

PMD has jumped on a free beat produced by KDS & he titled it 'ONLY YOU'
PMD is a Bauchi based artist with a sensational voice capable of melting ladies hearts.
Download & share!


Click To Download /Free beat No. 25/ Produced by KDS

KDS has produced the 25th free beat for anyone anywhere to download & use for free.
You can as well send the song to us anytime you record it & send it back to us to hear it & possibly blog it for you.
Download & Enjoy!


Monday 19 February 2018

Click To Download /BAUGIDI ANTHEM/ Featuring Trippz, Nas G, Khalid Jones & Faith Taylors (Team KDS)

KDS RECORDS is presenting it's 4th song as it ends the 1st edition of Baugidi Anthem.
We urge you to anticipate the 2nd Edition of the Baugidi Anthem in the next couple of weeks to come. 
Download & Share!


Sunday 18 February 2018

Click To Download /TURN IT UP/ by Just Ice Feat. Trippz

Real House Generals Rapper 'Just Ice' has featured Trippz of Light Hood Entertainment and they call this song 'TURNN IT UP'.
The two young talented artists really did justice to the song and you don't want to leave this page without downloading your own copy & don't forget to share with friends & family anytime anywhere.


Click To Download /Hustle (Freestyle)/ by Hypeman Ayo Feat. Tobi Smallz

The unstoppable Hypeman Ayo has collaborated with Tobi Smalls, Davolee's cousin brother at YBNL.
The game is gradually coming across Baugidi (Bauchi) & much should be expected from the packages exclusively coming from HypeMan Ayo.
You don't wanna leave this very page without downloading this incredible music!
Don't forget to share!


Click To Download /BAUGIDI ANTHEM/ Feat. I.H, ElJozzy, Cent I & GBN King (Team SDK)

Aha! It's the third (3rd) Baugidi Anthem and it featured the likes of I.H, ElJozzy, Cent I & GBN King of BEM Music.
You can as well get the 1st Here & the 2nd Here but nevertheless, download the 3rd by clicking on the download button below & don;t forget to share with anyone.


Saturday 17 February 2018

Click To Download /Baugidi Anthem/ Feat. KND, MARILUV, Trinocoaster & AN.G (Team Shaypee)

KDS ENTERTAINMENT is still on it's Baugidi Movement as it releases its 2nd BAUGIDI ANTHEM SONG headed by Shaypee featuring AN.G, Mariluv, Trinocoaster & KND.
The first edition of the anthem has already been released and you can get it HERE
Enjoy this song & share with friends & family


Click To Download E.P /God's Mercies/ by EmGee

EmGee has decided to drop an E.P called 'God's Mercies" as he celebrates his 1st son's 2nd birthday.
Shemuel (His son) is like a grandson to KDS & the likes of D'Kev, Mizbanqs, Zazzy (Shemuel's Mum) & KDS have been on the project.
Download & share!

1. Backbiting Feat. GenEx 

2. Be Like You Feat. Zazzy & KDS

3. Gafara

4. Gospel Or Nothing Feat. Kespan

5. Bangon Duniya Feat. KDS & Swanbee

6. Mass Comm Feat. KDS

7. Happy Birthday Feat. KDS & D'Kev

8. True Life Story Feat. MizbanQs


Thursday 15 February 2018

Click To Download /Baugidi Anthem/ Featuring Lil Sam, Kim Taylors, Sinai & Shebzy (Team PhoeniQs)

KDS RECORDS has organized collaborations in support of the new RECORD LABEL in Bauchi 'KDS ENTERTAINMENT' & since it is a new world entirely, the C.E.O of KDS ENTERTAINMENT has a dream of a better industry in the state.
BAUGIDI is achievable, yes it is possible to have a market for the music industry in the northern part of Nigeria.
Lil Sam, Kim Taylors, Sinai & Shebzy have been invited to jump on this song & all honored invitations given to each one of them.
Enjoy this song & kindly share as you anticipate the release of other 3 versions of this awesome movement (BAUGIDI). 


Click To Download /Night Outside/ by Fitzy Crea

Fitzy Crea an artist of GOLDEN CITY has released a new song to be downloaded for free titled NIGHT OUTSIDE which was mixed & mastered in KDS RECORDS (Offcicial Studio Of KDS Entertainment).
The young artist's song can speak for him when you download because this awesome guy has what it takes to take him to stardom.
Download & Share!


Wednesday 14 February 2018

Click To Download /NLEMANYA/ by EL KASH

El Kash the sensational singer & rapper is here with a new song called 'NLEMANYA' & he is giving it out free for all.
This is music, talent & melody!
Get your ears tuned to this incredible piece of dopeness!


Click To Download /Love No Go Die/ by Soskid X Bennix

Alhaji Soskid & Bennix are here with a new tune for us to enjoy & share around as we celebrate Valentine.
LOVE NO GO DIE is the title of this song and as you download this song, may our friendship never die & may we live long to spend the rest of our lives with our loved ones.


Click To Download /RUTHY THE BEAUTIFUL/ by El Kamcy

El Kamcy is at it again with another mind blowing Poem and titled 'RUTHY THE BEAUTIFUL'.
This is greatness at its peak & you won't regret downloading it.
Enjoy & Share with friends & Family!


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