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Friday, 28 April 2017


Here are the list of the artistes that are going to be on the KDs Records Monthly Cypher for the month of May, 2017 which is supposed to commence soon.
  1. Lee Rhymz 
  2. Kespan
  3. GenEx
  4. Kalito
  5. Swanbee
  6. J.Kaps
  7. Eljozzy
Anyone else can use this beat anywhere and anytime, its free.
This cypher is going to be monthly because we would love many artistes to be part of it.
Download the audio!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

NEW! Click To Download New Music From D.S.B-Jaiye

The unstoppable group D.S.B are back again with another hot banger they call 'JAIYE' and as usual greatness should be expected because they have been on top of their game with much push and inspirations.
This song is recommended especially when you need good and talented artistes on your playlists.




Click To Download New Music From TSB-Only U

TSB are never relenting as they decided to make another step to put more credibility to their musical profile. They are here with another dope song titled 'Only U'
Enjoy this song and share with friends and families!


List Of KDs Records Monthly Promo Program For The Month Of May 2017!

The Management of KDs Records has decided to publish the list of artistes that are going to be part of the 'KDs Records Monthly Promo Program For The Month Of May' and the artistes are to see the C.E.O KDs Records for more information before 1st May, 2017.

  3. H.S
 We also have the following artistes that would be voted for the month of JUNE.
  • Benny2Smart
  • MYB
  • Smart P
  • Yungwealth
  • Mr. PAUL MRP
  • Tha BEN
  • M NASS
There are lots and lots of artistes that are yet to be listed but as far as you record with us, u shall surely be part of this promo because the promo is not in anyway stopping now.
Thank u and Good Luck to the winners for the month of MAY.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Click To Download New Song From Golden City-Babban Yaya

Golden City real rappers have made history again with a new song they title 'Babban Yaya'. Its King Mimmy and SMOG making waves lately and more of their singles are on the way.
These guys are truly on point and supporting them by downloading and sharing this song would do.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Enjoy New Music From 'TSB-Do As I Do'

The classic singers 'TSB' are here with another banger they call 'DO AS I DO' and they have been making waves ever since they started their hustle.
The song has been Mixed and Mastered By KDs and currently they are under the #KRMPP which has been promoting artistes withing the city of Beehive.
Get this song, listen and share around.

Click To Download New Music From 'M_NASS Feat. I-BlinQs-Ba Damuwa'

M. Nass the young talent in the beautiful city of Beehive has collaborated with one of Beehive's finest singer 'I_BlinQz' and they title this one 'BA DAMUWA'.
This song is rich with nice lines and optimum delivery from the two great artistes.
Enjoy and share around


Sunday, 16 April 2017

New Song From 'Dmyth Feat. GenX X DYC X SpunksEda X D-Flex-Ba Time'

Dmyth the Great has made history by collaborating with 4 Gospel ministers in Beehive in a song called #BA_TIME
The song has the likes of D-Flex, GeneX, Mr. YC and Spunks Eda and these ministers have been on top of their ministry for a long time which has made them role models in the society.
Support them as you download and share around with friends and family.


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Click To Download New Music From 'Mistazeh-School Boy'

New song from Mistazeh the Mad Dogg has made many fans all over the place yearning to hear how he murdered the beat.
Mistazeh has been that lyricist that is not just promising but 100% dedicated to his call and his loyalty has made many senior artistes to mingle with him.
Do us proud by getting this song on your playlist.


New Beat From KDs-Free Beat 0015

The 15th free beaat from the C.E.O of KDs Records is out and anyone willing to work with it is allowed to do so.
Enjoy and share!!!


Friday, 14 April 2017

Download New Music From 'JakoRhymer Feat. Miztazeh-BadHair Day'

Jako Rhymer as people call him has made an awesome collaboration with Mistazeh of Niqe House who is currently under the management of KDs Records Monthly Promo for the month of April, 2017.
Jako has been making singles out of mix tapes and has gotten himself that street credibility which most artistes lack.
Enjoy this song and thank us later.


Click To Download New Music From 'TSB-Your Way'

TSB the reliable crew ever has made another hit and this time it has to be her way (winks).
Milo Blaze and Cele Snazy has made another awesome appearance with another delicious song for the sexy ladies all over the world.
Patronize this song and send it to your friends too.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Click To Enjoy New Music From Lil Joe-Kalma

Lil Joe the realest artist Beehive has ever known has again cooked another song he titled 'Kalma' and as usual this guy is always on top of his game.
The artist (Lil Joe) has been making good music 'ALL THE WAY' and most of his fans have been anticipating this awesome song.
Download and share around.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Click To Download New Music From 'MYB Feat. Trinocoaster-Wake Up'

MYB the incredible up and coming star Beehive has ever known has in no time collaborated with one of the most talented and respected Beehive soldier 'TRINOCOASTER'.
This song has a lot in stock for good ears out there, enjoy this piece and share around.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Download New Music From 'Miztazeh Feat. Jimmy J-Blind Future'

Miztazeh under the management of KDs Records has made his 1st attempt to prove his legitimate rap talent and as most people know, Mizatazeh is that undisputed rapper with both Mic and Stage attitude which you would also find interesting to watch him do his thing.
Miztazeh the real hiphop lyricist got his hommie Jimmy J on a real hip hop song 'Blind FUTURE' where they both poured out what real rappers knw as 'Punch Lines'.
Enjoy this song and share around.


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Click To Download New Music From Celebrant-Ogene

'CELEBRANT' as he is popularly known, has again released another new song 'OGENE' after releasing his previous single 'Freestyle'.
Nothing but awesomeness is always expected anytime CELEBRANT hits the studio.


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Click To Download Grace By Psalmist Hosea

Psalmist Hosea a sensational singer, a worshiper and a true talent has decided to give us one out of the eight (8) songs he launched 'KADOSH' last month (March).
The song (GRACE) speaks about the only one way which Salvation is gotten, i.e through Jesus Christ by Grace  & Not by works


Friday, 7 April 2017

Click To Download New Song From 'JAVINO-Believe'

Javino the undisputed lyricist has again penetrated the industry with yet another mind-blowing song 'BELIEVE'
This song contains 100% pure credibility and we are sure that you agree with us that he has the perfect potential to design the industry with his unique and impacting style.
Enjoy this song and be kind enough to share around.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Click To Download New Music rom 'Celebrant-Freestyle'

The Unstoppable Celebrant has made another attempt to make the streets get addicted to his kind of style.
Its a freestyle this time around and as usual, nothing but greatness should be expected from this Beehive soldier.
Enjoy and share!


Click To Download New Jam From 'King Teddy Feat. PMD-FLEXICUTION

You are in and around Beehive and you are yet to hear about 'King Teddy'? You gotta be kidding me.
King Teddy is one of the bad and coolest rappers trying to hit the limelight with their legit kind of music.
Flexicution right at your finger tips, download this song and do us well by sharing if you love and support good music.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Click To Get New Music From 'SkyMan-Make Dem Talk'

'Skyman' one of the great hip hop head Beehive has ever manufactured has cooked a new joint for all good music lovers round the world.
His awesome talent in rap has made most young artistes to pick inspirations and been motivated by his strong zeal for quality music, Skyman has gained more love from the streets right to the top.
Conspiracies do arise as one tries to make good living and as Tuface used to say 'If no one talks about you, you are nobody', Skyman the super star has not been left in the dilemma. People (haters) must say one or two about you.
Been faced by a lot, Skyman has made a hit titled 'Make Them Talk' and this song is nothing but GREAT MUSIC.
Enjoy this song and share around.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Click To Download New Song From Lil Joe-Kun Gane Ai

Lil Joe one of the artistes under the management of #KRMPP for the month of April 2017 has made his first attempt to invade the music industry with this mega track 'Kun Gane Ai'
This song is nothing but a hit and most of his songs that are yet to be released carry same magnitude. 
Enjoy Kun Gane Ai By Lil Joe


Monday, 3 April 2017

Click To Download New Music From 'TSB-ADA

One of the most talented crew Beehive has ever produced is 'TSB' and by downloading this track, you will get to agree with us that these guys are really gifted and they are really on top of their game.
Less talk, more good music.


Click To Download 'Got Ur Back' by KDs

KDs has thought to himself that it'll be cool enough to come up with a track to break the silence.
'Got ur back' is a track aimed at ensuring anyone needing help from the C.E.O. Life has its challenges but if we can help each other, life would be beautiful.
Ladies and gentlemen download this great song and be kind enough to share with friends and family.


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Click To Download New Song From Yung 'Wealth-Gbefun'

One of the coolest guys the magnificent crew 'BEM' has ever produced is 'YungWealth'.
This guy is greatness at its peak, full of punch lines and good delivery especially when it comes to Rap music.
In conjunction with BEM CREW, Youngwealth has been making hits for quite sometime now, he gained more recognition in Beehive and even beyond.
He speaks Yoruba, English, Hausa ETC. and he also combines the three languages in songs.
You need to listen to this incredible music, click and get it.


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