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Monday, 25 June 2018

New Music | After That | by Rex Bee ( KDs)

Rex Bee is back with a new single 'AFTER THAT' & it's a nice one just as expected.
You Don't wanna exit this page without downloading & sharing it with friends.
It's KDS on the beat.


New Free Instrumental; Free Beat No. 26 ( KDS)

It's another free beat from KDS RECORDS & it's for anyone to use anytime.
This is the 26th beat produced by KDS & more are coming.


Sunday, 24 June 2018

New Music; Public Announcement (P.A.) by J.I Jibcy Feat. Absolom

J.I Jibcy as most people know him is here with a new single & he has decided to call on 'ABSOLOM' to spice it up with some sensational voices.
'PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT' is the name of this incredible song that is about to ring in our ears.
Show some love as you download & share this song!


New Song; MONEY GANG by Lil Brown

'Money Gang' by Lil Brown is the song of the week as much is compressed into the song. 
The young talented dude has made extra effort to make the song a hit & no doubt he has been keeping it real.
Share & Enjoy!


New Music; KIDI DA KARATU by Flames

KIDI da KARATU is the song that is about to blow your minds & make your weekend complete anytime FLAMES comes through.
Enjoy this incredible piece of music & share with friends & family.


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

New Music; Paper Da Biro by El-Jozzy & Kuhn Zaar

The management of KDS RECORDS has organized a collaboration between ELJOZZY & KUNZAAR.
The two artists have been doing wonders in the city of BAUGIDI with the massive hit songs they drop & shows they shutdown.
The title of this song is 'PAPER DA BIRO' Produced by KDS RECORDS.
Download & Share!


Tuesday, 19 June 2018


KDS has been producing free beats from No. 1 to Free Beat No.25.
Feel free to use any of KDS Free beats including this very one, anytime anywhere.


Friday, 15 June 2018

Click To Download /What's Your Name/ by Mr. Dee

Mr Dee of B.K.R Gang Music has dished out a new single to all the beloved fans out there.
Good Music for Good People
He calls it 'Whats Your Name' & after you done listening to this dope song, you gon tell us what your names are.
Enjoy & Share!


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Click To Download /MUNA KAI/ by Wizcool

 Wizcool is here with a new track and he calls it 'MUNA KAI' which was mixed & mastered by KDS.
The G-City rapper has been always keeping it real back to back & as a promising artist as he is, more should be expected.
Download & Share!


Friday, 8 June 2018

Click To Download /Simple Thing/ by Clasher Feat. Young Boss

SIMPLE THING by Clasher & Young Boss is the song that is about to make you enjoy your day & APPRECIATE REAL MUSIC FROM YOUNG TALENTED ARTISTS.
It's not nice if you exit this page without downloading this piece of great music!


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Click To Download /JAN KASA/ by Sunstar, Phoeniqs & Trinocoaster

JAN KASA is the song that is about to spice up your evening as SUNSTAR, PHOENIQS & TRINOCOASTER collaborate to make nothing but HIT.
This is it, make sure you share with friends & family!


Click To Download /I Got Power/ by Phoeniqs Feat. Verse & K.N.D

Phoeniqs has made history as he featured two huge artists i.e VERSE & K.N.D on a song titled 'I Got Power'.
You don't wanna exit this page without downloading this song.


Click To Download /BUHARIYYA/ by TRIPPZ (M&M by KDs)

Trippz is one of those artists making great music in Baugidi & this is one piece of music you just can't resist to listen to. He calls it 'Buhariyya'.
Enjoy it & Share!


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Click To Download /Rayuwa/ by DL Breaker Feat. Stesh

Again & again, DL Breaker has proven to be unstoppable 'Back To Back' with another massive collaboration featuring one of the finest singer ever produced in BAUGIDI. Stesh is an undisputed art indeed
You don't wanna exit this page without downloading your own copy of the song 'rAyUwA'


Click To Download /NO MONEY/ by DL Breaker Feat. BOC ( KDS)

DL Breaker as he is publicly known, has made an enormous penetration into Baugidi Music Indutry as he featured the Legendary Art, BOC MADAKI.
'NO MONEY' is the song that is about to take over your playlists.
Hit the download button below to get your copy ASAP!


Sunday, 3 June 2018

Click To Download /BABAN BOLA/ by JUST ICE

Just Ice an artist of Real House Generals has released his new song called 'Baban Bola' & as usual, he has done justice to the song.
You don't wanna exit this page without downloading your own copy of the HIT!



Triquest as most people know him has collaborated with BOC & XBEE on a song titled 'PEACE' & has the video done already.
Have fun as you watch & share this incredible piece of hard work


Friday, 1 June 2018

{Hype Me}-Celebrant (Singer/Rapper)

1. Download New Music From CELEBRANT Feat. BOC & Jon Yeri-Control

2. New Song From 'Celebrant-Babban Riga'

3. Click To Download New Music From Celebrant-Ogene

4. Download New Music From Celebrant Feat. Jon Yeri & J.Kaps-Sarauniya

5. Click To Download /100%/ by Celebrant

6. Click To Download New Music From 'Celebrant-Freestyle'

7. Download New Song From Celebrant Feat. Stesh-Dan Arewa


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