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Friday 22 December 2017

click/to/read/5 Ways You Can Stop Yourself From Burning Out At Work And At Home

With work and home having more and more demands as each day passes by, there's a high probability of burning out from stress. This creates some serious social and health problems down the line that you could have avoided.
If you find yourself feeling exhausted with the demands of work and home, here are a few tips that can help you solve your problems.
Discover Your Purpose
One of the easiest ways of getting stressed is finding out that you don't know where you're going, or you don't like what you're doing. Waking up and going to a job each day where you would rather sleep or play games than actually work is to say the least, demoralising.
As such, embrace a career that you're passionate about pursuing and jot down a short, medium and long term plan regarding where you want to go. Climbing a ladder you actually want to climb will make you put in the effort and stop you from burning out.
Prioritise Tasks
It is important that you learn how to set clear goals, especially on a short and long-term basis. Learn to schedule your time and tasks effectively; and this includes making time for plenty of room to breathe. Also remember to stick to your to-do lists as it helps you manage your time effectively.
Going through your tasks also helps you improve your self esteem. This is because every time you tick a task as accomplished on that to-do list, you remind yourself that you're improving and this enhances your sense of accomplishment, boosting your confidence to tackle challenges in the future.
Manage Stress
Managing stress is important, even though it can be difficult despite the amount of information on 'stress management techniques' available all over the Internet. Some of the quick and easy techniques to adopt include Mediation, breathing techniques, solid regular breaks, a stroll in the fresh air at lunchtime or keeping a stress diary for the super-neurotic.
The most important thing is to find the best way to unwind and make sure it works for you. Also, learn to build a trustworthy support network that you can talk to and if you're seriously struggling mentally, never be afraid to seek professional help.
Take Time Out
Waiting to finish up all the tasks you have on your to-do list can have serious negative effects on your health and result in you burning out. As such, it is important you consciously carve out time to unwind.
The truth is there will always be something extra that needs doing - that pile of emails that requires your attention, that dinner with a client you've got to organise, that extra paper you need to read through, those dishes waiting for your attention when you get home - but the fact still remains that you need a break.
Unplug from technology and switch your brain off with a cup of tea and watch an episode of your favourite television show.
Exercise helps to alleviate stress and prevent you burning out. As such, it is important that you don't allow your busy schedule compromise your workout routines. It is non-negotiable to maintain good physical health to keep your mental health in good shape, too.
Try as much as possible to squeeze in a gym session at lunchtime, run home from work, visit the gym, organise some social sport on your free weekend - whatever keeps you motivated.



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