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Thursday 18 July 2019

Daddy Freeze calls out Mountain of Fire Ministries over alleged Antichrist doctrine

Daddy Freeze has called out the Mountain of Fire Minstries' authorities, over its doctrine he described as Antichrist-like.
The Free The Sheeple leader alleged that the act of praying for a member's enemies to die is an Antichrist doctrine, as Jesus Christ instructed Christians to pray for their enemies to prosper and even lend them money whenever they need it.

He wrote;
Dear MFM,
Kindly consider the following scriptures before your next prayer session.
Please if you pray for your member's enemies to die, STOP IT!
Instead, teach your congregation to pray for their enemies to prosper and encourage them to lend their enemies money whenever they need it, expecting nothing in return, as Christ instructed us to.
Anything outside this is an Antichrist doctrine! ~FRZ



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