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Monday 29 June 2020

Burna Boy’s ‘Wonderful’ Lacks Replay Value Without A Stellar Verse

Burna Boy released ‘Wonderful‘ on the heels of his stellar performance on Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema‘ remix. The Spaceship Entertainment lead act impressed his fans across Nigeria and South Africa, obviously, he was able to shut up his critics as many applauded his smoothness on the track.
In preparation for his fifth studio project release in July, Burna Boy dropped ‘Wonderful’ to prepare our minds for the full weight of his ‘Twice As Tall’ album.

The self-proclaimed African Giant is experimenting with new sounds a little too different from what we have come to like very much. If you have noticed, the BET nominee has sort of moved on from making those Afrobeat samples or Felaesque kind of music. It started with ‘Money Play‘, then ‘Odogwu‘ and the sound switch continues.
Apparently, Nigerians are yet to embrace the changes Burna Boy is trying to make with the direction of his music. In fact, the reception of his latest track was lacklustre, the fans were not as hyped as supposed. There is little or no conversation around the new song.

Here is what I think about the new track.
Telz production is quite exciting, kudos to him.
‘Wonderful’ has a retro disco vibe with Burna Boy starting out with some acapella then the instrumental follows. The entire song has the chorus and one verse repeated throughout the entire 3 minutes and 30 seconds it lasted.

The chorus is catchy at first but Burna Boy fails to grab his listener’s attention with his verses. He builds momentum which lasts for nearly 2 minutes but the energy is lost as the rest of the song is a repeat of the chorus with no change in the verse that follows. A listener is probably waiting for that part of the song that makes them hooked but it never comes.
A line from the song goes ‘Cuz I’m feeling it in my soul oh oh’, sorry I can’t feel this particular song in my soul. It has not grabbed my attention like some of his songs have. The mention of Adebayo Ogunlesi is apt but that is about the only memorable thing you would remember from the tune. Well, you get to google the name and that’s about it.
Lead up singles have always been a big play to Burna Boy’s album releases, however, ‘Wonderful’ doesn’t quite sell the idea of that ‘Twice As Tall’ would be an amazing album. We expect a switch up with the sound but we aren’t excited as much.

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