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Tuesday 30 November 2021

Music || Unto The Lord || by Aninga Moses


Anointed saxophonist, guitarist, singer and songwriter Aninga Moses is here 

again with another heavenly sound titled Unto the Lord. His most recent single 

Monarch of Zion featuring Godstime Okorie earned him the prestigious JOGAMA award under the category next rated Artist of the year. 

LYRICS Chorus:

 Unto the Lord we sing Hallelujah Unto the one who reigns forever Blessed be your name 


 Our hearts will sing and not be silent Kadosh kadosh your name is Holy You are the Lamb of the God Who was and is and is to come Blessed be your name 

Creation testify of your greatness To you ascribing strength and beauty You are the Lord of host The Master of the universe Blessed be your name 


Blessed be your name 

Blessed be your name




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